Marketing and selling your prime luxury property

Would you like assistance selling your luxury house, modern penthouse, or exquisite villa?

High-quality properties require tailor-made, perceptive marketing. This is our strength. We define the specific advantages of your property, stage them in a targeted manner, and communicate them to buyers.

We are convinced that acquiring and selling high-quality and unique properties is first and foremost about personality(ies). Therefore, you and your requirements are always in the foreground. By matching the right buyers with your property, we build a solid business for you as a seller with remarkable results.

We look forward to getting to know you and your property and advising you on the ideal marketing concept, as well as realising the sale of your property.

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Why working with André | Nause

Over a decade of experience of luxury product sales and marketing has perfectly versed us in meeting bespoke and exacting requirements for our international clientele.

We support you through all aspects and during every stage of your elite real estate sale. All information will be clearly organised and presented. Each phase of the transaction will be conducted and concluded quickly and accurately.

01 Property Evaluation

Our guiding principle is the optimum between time to sell and price realised. We suggest two possible approaches: market vs product-oriented. Your individual needs are our highest priority.

02 Brokerage agreement

We will set up a transparent framework for our collaboration in which we state the commission and costs. There are no ambiguous or hidden fees.

03 Marketing materials

Visual presentation is vital, thus, our focus is on high-quality media: professional images, on-demand videos, 360° virtual tours, drone footage, and stunning exposés are our daily instruments.

04 Listing and promotion

We choose only the best channels to market your property in our strong network of trusted partners, optionally off-market. A dedicated monthly marketing budget ensures the best visibility of your exclusive property.

05 Qualifying buyers

Quality over quantity is a crucial aspect in finding the right buyer. We create and evaluate buyer profiles to filter out real estate “tourists”.

06 Viewings

Emotions, even subtle ones, play an essential role in decision making. We prepare the property for potential buyers, paying meticulous attention to the smallest details like fresh flowers

07 Negotiations

After the emotional decision is made, the rational terms and conditions must be negotiated accurately. We mediate this step to achieve a win-win situation for all parties involved.

08 Contractual work

Crucial for the successful sale of your property is the contract between you and the buyer. We provide all necessary information to the notary who will issue documents that can be double-checked by lawyers, either yours or from our network.

09 Handover

After the monetary transaction has been completed, either as a direct transfer or via a notary escrow account, we assist with all the details of the handover of your property to the new owner.